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PHOTO club

PhOtO CLub!
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This whole community is dedicated to the marana high school photo club. If you wish to join IM me at littleb236 or see me 3rd or fourth hour in photography for more information. This site will be posting pictures produced from photo clubs students and just regular students as well. Maybe even sawyer too if his pictures will be good ;) If you want to post a picture on this site just send me your NAME, DATe, and a brief description or purpose of the photo graph.
the photo club officers are

president-Ben Korte

Vice president- Josh Osteen

secondary vice president- Bryan mahak

secretary- travis allen

bouncer- anyone in photo club

The first rule of photo club: Never talk about photo club, if it is your first time in photo club you must drop your pants and or make a picture.
the second rule of photo club is: never talk about photo club
the third rule is: what happens in photo club stays in photo club.

breaking any of these rules violates code #128478192578913259859832 and your penis or leg will be chopped off.
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